We are very proud of our school uniform which includes a polar fleece, polo tees, skorts (for girls), shorts (for boys and girls) and long pants (for girls and boys). There is also a reversible jacket which is optional, and as a SunSmart school, bucket hats are provided free of charge to every child.

The polar fleeces, polo tees and reversible jacket are ordered through our school - the skorts, shorts, long pants can be purchased from any store so long as they are made from a navy drill material.

Please click here for an order form.

For more information regarding shoes, PE uniform, jewellery, etc, please refer to our 2021 Parent Handbook.


    • Makeup, nail polish and jewellery (with the exception of small studs or sleepers in ears) are not permitted.

    • All boys’ and girls’ long hair is required to be tied up.

    • No visible tattoos or body piercing.

    • Sun hats are to be worn outdoors during summer. Woollen hats may be worn outdoors and during the winter months. Hats are provided and allocated to every child for terms 1 and 4.

    • All students are expected to wear correct, clean and tidy school uniform.

    • No makeup is allowed.


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