Thank you for your interest in our school.

Clifton School is a full primary, ie, Years 1 to 8, and we are proud of students' achievements and attitude. We strive to give our children the best opportunity to develop their learning skills with an experienced group of teachers who are enthusiastic about their learners and who provide learning opportunities to best fit the needs of each child.

We expect the best behaviour of our students at all times and we have introduced the Positive Behaviour 4 Learning - School-Wide (PB4L-SW) to encourage this. We also support positive behaviour through our special events such as our Whole School Camp and Water Fun Day, as well as class activities.

We are very fortunate at Clifton School as we have excellent support from our Board of Trustees and a well-resourced school. Our Board funds extra support for learners through programmes such as Mathletics, Reading Eggs, and the STEPS programme. We also have a music programme for all our students on Mondays, and a school kapa haka group on Wednesdays. Our Discovery Centre houses an excellent library, and we have ultra-fast broadband with numerous devices available to interest children in their learning. Our Board continues to improve our school with developments such as developing innovative learning spaces and a school kitchen for food technology. We have a school garden for each class as well as a gardening group and a developing school orchard. We also have our own school swimming pool, and Tiger Turf on one of our outdoor playing surfaces.

We encourage our parents to be a positive part of their child's education by regularly providing reports of children's achievement and progress over the course of the year. We encourage families to become involved in all school events, and our staff will encourage their classes to be part of many community activities throughout the year. We are part of the South Rangitikei Schools Cluster events for extension, sporting and cultural activities.

Unfortunately this space does not allow me to explain the many other things which happen at our school. We invite you to contact me for a visit on 06 322 1544 and continue to view our school website for more information.

Warm regards

Adrian Burn, Principal